CX for Good. Upskilling talent from distressed communities.

Connecting talents
with opportunities

One of the ways we do this is through impact sourcing, a business practice that drives both social and economic benefits. This approach involves intentionally hiring and providing career development opportunities to individuals who have limited prospects for formal employment, particularly in low-income and distressed areas.

At the core of Foundever™ lies a strong commitment to promoting education as a human right, a public good and a public responsibility, aligned with the universal principle of the United Nations. As a company, we’re dedicated to driving impact through educational programs that benefit not only our people but also the communities we serve.

Olivier Camino

Founder & President, &
COO, Foundever

“Foundever is ready to start an industry-wide movement, as the first BPO leader to upskill talent through CX as a force for good.

Our industry is a people business, with global reach in many different communities around the world. As we continue to invest in skills both for today and for the future of work, and the #CXforGood movement accelerates our commitment to education and training programs that have been running parallel to our day-to-day work at Foundever for many years!”

The 5 principles of the CX for Good movement pioneered by


Inclusivity and equal opportunity ensures inclusivity and equal opportunities for individuals from distressed communities, training them in skills that open doors to diverse job markets beyond the CX industry.


Transparency and accountability

As pioneers, upholds a high standard of transparency and accountability in all its initiatives, ensuring that every action contributes positively to society.


Collaborative partnerships for empowerment collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, including NGOs, governments, and businesses, to empower individuals and communities through skill-building and job market access.


Innovation for social progress harnesses innovation within traditional industries to address global challenges, crafting solutions that transform lives and communities.


Local and global engagement

The movement champions both local and global engagement, responding to immediate community needs while contributing to broader global objectives.

Najet Tenoutit

Managing Director,

“After almost two decades in the international development sector, I’ve witnessed first-hand that the lack of access to quality education and the persistence of economic inequalities for individuals from distressed communities create a vicious circle that hinders progress on multiple fronts.

At, our goal is to emulate Foundever™,
a company of doers, by becoming an operating nonprofit partner and co-creator of programs in the areas of education, training, and technology!”

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