Our board

Meet the people who lead our organization.

Olivier Camino

President, Foundever.org

Olivier Camino is the co-founder and Global Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Foundever. As COO, Olivier is responsible for the global operations of the company.

Understanding that the employee experience is the customer experience, he’s passionate about improving the associate experience and empowering people to develop and thrive in the organization.

Since January 2016, Olivier has served as COO of Foundever and continues his commitment to reshaping the future of the customer experience management industry. He works closely with our regional teams to ensure operational excellence through consistency and a robust, proven global operating standards model: PeakOS.

Laurent Uberti

Vice president, Foundever.org

As Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Foundever, Laurent Uberti leads the group’s Global Executive Team in transforming the customer experience through innovative solutions and investment in people.

Sitel Group was established in 2016 after Group Acticall – the French startup he founded in 1994 – acquired U.S.-based Sitel. Today, the group combines Sitel’s 30+ years of experience, global footprint and unrivaled client diversity with Groupe Acticall’s entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and vision.

Carole Bohrer

Treasurer and secretary, Foundever.org