Our programs
around the world

1. North America

Spanish Language and Tech Program for Refugees from Latin America.

Financial Literacy training program for individuals from distressed communities.

2. French Speaking Region

French Language Mentorship Program through Local university and other nonprofit partners.

3. Egypt

Language Academy Employment Unit to support employment opportunities for women in Egypt.

4. Philippines

Language Academy Employment Unit for underserved communities in the Philippines.


Trained through CX skills

supported to find employment

Through innovative programs tailored to the needs of learners, particularly those from deprived communities or remote areas, and with a comprehensive curriculum and advanced technologies, our academies equip future candidates with job-ready skills and empower them to secure employment, driving social and economic progress.

The #CXforGood movement creates opportunity through action-driven educational programs

Refugee programs

Our language learning program for refugees aims to support and empower refugees by enhancing their communication abilities and opening doors to better employment opportunities and social integration.

Student mentoring

Our mentoring programs provide students from distressed communities with guidance, support, and access to valuable networks, helping them build confidence, develop skills, and achieve their goals.

Language academies

Successful communication is a critical skill for opportunities in almost any industry. Building upon our successful language academies in many countries globally, is actively scaling impact in many countries and sharing experiences to expand to other locations around the world.

Women Empowerment

This particular initiative is focused on a language upskilling and career readiness program for 100 women from distressed communities in Egypt, offering a learning path that aims to lead to employment.