CX for good. Upskilling talent from distressed communities.

Our mission is to build and leverage educational programs to benefit untapped talent in deprived communities around the world and prepare individuals for their next employment opportunities.

Educational programs inspired by CX

The CX industry currently employs 15 million people, growing 5% year over year and generating $350 billion in revenue.

The CX industry has always hired skills first versus diplomas, often a first job offering great career paths to a large and diverse population.

The CX industry is addressing fundamental hard and soft skills, including communication, conversational skills, languages and CMR usage.

Education is critical to accessing good job opportunities and we believe that secured employment is a key factor of inclusion.

Foundever.org aims to extend our successful CX impact sourcing model for the greater good, beyond our business needs, to support individuals prevented from entering the workforce due to various circumstances and barriers.

A dynamic movement for change

Born in the heart of our industry and driven by the collaboration between Foundever.org and CX enthusiasts around the world, we’re addressing global economic and societal gaps through an educational focus.