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Olivier Camino

Foundever COO

“Foundever.org embodies our commitment to enhancing education and training programs that have been running parallel to our day-to-day work at Foundever for many years. Our goal is to help individuals become part of a sustainable workforce, enabling them to create a better future for themselves.”

Olivier Camino

Olivier Camino is the Founder and Global Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Foundever. As COO, Olivier is responsible for the global operations of the company.

Understanding that the employee experience is the customer experience, he’s passionate about improving the associate experience and empowering people to develop and thrive in the organization.

Since January 2016, Olivier has served as COO of Foundever and continues his commitment to reshaping the future of the customer experience management industry. He works closely with our regional teams to ensure operational excellence through consistency and a robust, proven global operating standards model: PeakOS.

Olivier co-founded Groupe Acticall in France more than 20 years ago and has since been instrumental in the development of this business with responsibility for high-performing operational teams. He serves as a member of the board of directors for Mobivia Groupe, the European leader in vehicle maintenance and equipment. He also mentors individuals through his involvement with Ashoka, a global organization that invests in entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for solving social problems; and Simplon, a French-based company focused on inclusion in the digital sector.

As CEO of Foundever.org, Olivier is leading our plans to expand the education and training programs at Foundever with the launch of a nonprofit dedicated to benefiting distressed communities around the world.

“By launching a dedicated nonprofit and having a team led by Najet Tenoutit, we plan to address the root causes of issues that have limited employment opportunities for people in distressed communities,” said Olivier. “With Foundever.org, we aim to increase our social impact in the communities in which we operate by focusing on education and providing access to language proficiency and CX (customer experience) skill sets.”

A graduate of SKEMA Business School Sophia Antipolis in France, Olivier is based in the group’s global headquarters in Miami, Florida.