5 principles of the CX for Good movement

By Najet Tenoutit

In creating positive change, our commitment at is deep-rooted in a set of principles that guide our #CXforGood movement. These are not just organizational guidelines; they are reflections of our shared beliefs and experiences under the leadership of Olivier Camino, Global COO of Foundever™ and President of, and the collective effort of our teams. We’ve turned this inspiration into action, guided by these five key principles that I’m pleased to share with you.

1. Inclusivity and equal opportunity ensures inclusivity and equal opportunities for individuals from distressed communities, training them in skills that open doors to diverse job markets beyond the CX industry.

“I’ve seen how education opens doors that were once closed,” a sentiment I shared in my reflections on the International Day of Education, deeply resonates with our commitment to inclusivity. Every project we undertake at is a step toward making those opportunities available to everyone, regardless of their background.

2. Transparency and accountability

As pioneers, upholds a high standard of transparency and accountability in all its initiatives, ensuring that every action contributes positively to society.

In my travels and work across various communities, I’ve learned that trust is the foundation of any meaningful change. Honesty and responsibility are the cornerstones of our work. We strive for clarity and accountability in every initiative, ensuring that our actions lead to real, measurable outcomes, reflecting our belief in the power of education to foster transparency and informed citizenship.

3. Collaborative partnerships for empowerment collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, including NGOs, governments and businesses, to empower individuals and communities through skill-building and job market access.

“By joining hands with others, we can achieve so much more,” a lesson that my international experiences have underscored time and again. Our partnerships across sectors amplify our impact, a testament to our shared belief in the power of collective action for empowerment.

4. Innovation for social progress harnesses innovation within traditional industries to address global challenges, crafting solutions that transform lives and communities.

Innovation has been a key driver in defying our mission, mirroring our belief in the power of creative solutions to overcome even the most daunting challenges. Like the innovative educational programs we champion, we use our ingenuity to tackle societal issues and inspire progress.

5. Local and global engagement

The movement champions both local and global engagement, responding to immediate community needs while contributing to broader global objectives.

Our engagement spans both local and global contexts, addressing immediate needs within communities while contributing to broader objectives. This dual approach allows us to create sustainable change that resonates on multiple levels and take part in making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality.

These principles are the bedrock of our #CXforGood movement, inspiring us to push boundaries and create opportunities that foster a more equitable and prosperous world for all.

Bridging the gap with programs for education and training

The work of takes its roots in programs and initiatives that have been shaped on the ground by our teams. Through innovative programs tailored to the needs of learners, particularly those from deprived communities or remote areas, and with a comprehensive curriculum, our programs equip future candidates with job-ready skills and empower them to secure employment, driving social and economic progress.

Global Mentorship Initiative

In January 2024, partnered with the Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI) and Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, on a student mentoring program focused on Foundever employees mentoring students at the end of their study program, within the French-speaking market.

GMI provides a variety of content related to the topics defined in the mentoring program, through a digital platform, to support mentors in their role.

As the first program launched and funded by, this collaboration is a testament to our commitment to supporting real impactful causes:

  • Helping young adult students from disadvantaged communities
  • Supporting young adult students in the development of their skills
  • Coaching young adult students in their career paths


On March 8, 2024, announced its partnership with Carerha, an Egypt-based EdTech female-focused platform that empowers women economically and fosters an inclusive workplace.  

This particular initiative is focused on a language upskilling and career readiness program for 100 women from distressed communities in Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor), offering a learning path that aims to lead to employment.

U-Go has also partnered with U-Go, a registered charity helping ambitious and promising young women in low-income countries to pursue tertiary education by providing financial scholarships funded by individuals and corporations in high-income countries., has committed $50,000 to U-Go to support the organization’s activities in the Philippines. With these grant funds, U-Go will help 60+ young Filipino women from low-income areas to pursue higher education​.

Impact sourcing & training is launching a program using the model of Foundever, its award-winning language academy in Costa Rica, among other countries. Using this model for Spanish-speaking refugees will provide them training to enhance their level of English and then help them find employment, potentially through a partner network. has committed to training 450 refugees in the U.S. over the next three years (this is in addition to the commitment that Foundever has made to hire 500 refugees over the next three years in the U.S.).

Spearheading a remarkable movement toward societal transformation

Embarking on the transformative #CXforGood journey pioneered by, the five principles are more than guidelines — they’re a commitment to global betterment, deeply rooted in inclusivity, transparency, partnership, innovation and active engagement. For more details on our mission and programs, we invite you to regularly check our website updates: