and Carerha: A partnership for women’s economic empowerment in Egypt

By Najet Tenoutit
Managing Director,

In a world where gender equality remains an ongoing battle, initiatives like this drive progress toward a future where women are given equal opportunities to thrive. This partnership with Carerha introduces a language upskilling and career readiness initiative to open the door for employment, including self-employment (freelance) for 100 Egyptian women specializing in either graphic design, content creation or virtual assistance/social media moderation.

The first group, consisting of 36 women from Cairo and Alexandria, launched on April 29th. These women are mothers eager to enter the job market for the first time. The event was held at our new Cairo multilingual hub, located in the vibrant City Stars complex.

Targeting untapped potential

The program targets college-educated women who have yet to embark on their professional journeys due to a whole set of barriers including familial responsibilities. This demographic, often overlooked, represents untapped potential that and Carerha are committed to nurturing. Carerha’s expertise in enabling women to enter the workforce is well-recognized in Egypt, with a history of successful partnerships across diverse companies and industries.

Upskilling for career readiness

Through a blended approach built on expertise and modules from both Carerha and Foundever™, the initiative offers a well-rounded upskilling program inclusive of career coaching, business English proficiency, interviewing techniques and technical skills for freelancing — a comprehensive toolkit for the modern job market.

A cornerstone of the program is the personalized mentorship offered early in the learning path, connecting each participant with inspiring and experienced professionals. These mentorships are pivotal, providing skills, confidence and support from accomplished women mentors.

Building connections for employment

Carerha also facilitates a significant event, their annual career summit, which actively introduces these newly skilled women to a variety of employers, developing connections that lead to gainful employment and advancing workplace diversity.

This partnership signifies more than skill development; it shows how working together can create an enduring social impact. By investing in women from distressed communities, the program promises to empower participants, strengthen families and enhance communities. Through its collaboration with Carerha, is setting a precedent in corporate social responsibility and reaffirming its commitment to creating opportunities for women, demonstrating how strategic alliances can drive tangible change for a more inclusive and equitable future. Find out more about our programs to upskill talent from distressed communities at